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How to Make the Most of a Photo Booth

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Photo Booths provide a fantastic source of entertainment in a variety of scenarios that include weddings, corporate events and other functions. They also provide attendees with a charming keepsake to remember the occasion. Having a photo booth at your event is a great way to add a fun element to your event, and leave lasting memories for yourselves and your guests with the pictures. Be sure to make the most out of your photo booth rental by implementing a few of these ideas and choose a reputable company to ensure you get a great deal for your event.


Draw Attention to the Photo Booth

 Maximize exposure of the photo booth by making sure all of your guests are well aware of its presence. Some guests will be unaware that the photo booth is available and free of charge, so consider having the MC or DJ make periodic announcements over the microphone. Alternatively, you could have it mentioned on the printed material, such as the program or event itinerary.

Encourage your guests to participate in the fun and be sure to use it yourself, but don’t forget to include them too! When others see everyone having such a good time, they’ll be sure to follow suit and join in on the action. The more people that use the photo booth, the better, as there will be more pictures for you and your guests to have to remember the day.

 Incorporate Fun Props and Accessories

 Adding visually interesting props and accessories to your photo booth setup is guaranteed to generate excitement and encourage participation in the fun. A wide variety of costumes, wigs, glasses etc. can be introduced to enhance any prominent themes at the event further, or simply add a sense of uniqueness and creativity to the photos. Props can include funny signs, hats, scarves, mustaches, cardboard cut-outs, and any other item or decoration, each adding diversity and humor to the photographs. Many photo booth rental establishments like Photo Snap will happily provide these accessories for a fee, or as part of your selected package.

The use of props and accessories is recommended to keep your images from looking uniform and dull, and to help make your attendees more comfortable and relaxed about having their photo taken.

Digital Distribution

 Modern technology has allowed many new methods of sharing and distributing photos digitally, even from rental booths. A digital album of all of the event photos can be compiled and sent to the photo booth renters for a fantastic keepsake.

Pictures can be uploaded to all the major social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Flickr. Alternatively, they can be emailed to anyone which makes them easy to share with both attending guests, and anyone who was not fortunate enough to attend.

The digital photo option is ideal because it can be used as a backup to printed images or can be an excellent environmentally friendly element of the function, by forgoing paper prints completely.

Use Photo Editing Effects

 Another way to maximize the use of a photo booth, and get the highest quality photography possible, is by using simple photo editing techniques on the photo. Using popular effects like sepia, black and white photography, and various filters such as amaro and vignette; which have been made popular by the recent surge of social media self-photography.

Effects can be added immediately on certain booths by the user, using a variety of built-in options in the booth, or manually editing the digital file at a later date. Effects are another great way to personalize photos from the event, and make them more interesting and desirable as souvenirs for the guests and attendees.