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Davie & Chiyo


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Davie & Chiyo

About Davie & Chiyo -

Davie & Chiyo emerged in 2008 as a pet project for Vancouver sister duo, Fumi and Himi. One a recent business school graduate and the other a stay‐at­‐home mom, they both had a passion for all things handmade.  They started small with a giftshop on Etsy selling handmade pouches and purses, and before they knew it were specializing in custom, one-of-a-kind clutches for every member of the bridal party. “We had never really planned on working in the bridal market - it found us.”

Based in Vancouver, Canada, Davie & Chiyo is a bridal accessories line dreaming up whimsical handmade creations that boast lush silks, decadent beading, airy chiffons, ruffles, lace, and workmanship so refined it sets your heart aflutter. 

Their passion for bridal has expanded beyond clutches to include a line of head-to-toe accessories with a worldwide following.  When asked about what's next for the bridal label, "We dream big, so the sky's the limit."



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Davie & Chiyo - Briar Rose Hair Wreath
Wedding Shawl by Davie & Chiyo
Gilded Ivy Headband by Davie & Chiyo
Davie & Chiyo - Neige Box Clutch Rose
"Adele" hairpin by Davie & Chiyo
Davie & Chiyo

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