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Doie Lounge Sonoma_ Valorie Darling Photography

When a veteran bridesmaid (12 times to be exact!) with an insiders view on weddings decides to create a a business with a celebrity following for bridal robes, you know it’s bound to be amazing. Whether you are seeking the pretty and gifting fab bridesmaids gifts to your leading ladies or wanting to pamper yourself with a luxurious robe; Doie Lounge offers picture-perfect robes add a glamorous touch to the morning of the wedding. Not only are these beautiful robes stylish but they are made from eco-friendly modal and produced locally in Los Angeles, California. From pretty patterns to pops of color, there is a bevy of pretty styles to adore.

Doie Lounge Bridesmaids Robes
Tree_Doie Lounge_Valorie Darling Photography
Doie Lounge | Valorie Darling Photography
Feather Crown
Doie Lounge Robes
Doie Lounge - Bridal Robes

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Doie Lounge Sonoma_ Valorie Darling Photography

Doie Lounge


Photography: First Image by Maggie Thalheimer Photography, all other images by Valorie Darling Photography, Robes: Doie LoungeMake-up: Artistry by Danika, Hair: Trace Henningsen Bridal


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