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7 Essential Tips for a Summertime Wedding… plus mishaps to avoid!

I adore summer and there is nothing better than a summertime celebration. It’s hard not to envision an idyllic location where the sunshine is beaming upon your face, your guests are mingling with champagne in hand after you exchange vows under the warm sun; the blue skies and picture-perfect idea that you have imagined is as blissful as they come. Cue that awful screeching noise because back in the land of real-world mishaps, you suddenly realize that humidity can make any guest miserable, mosquitoes are in abundance and definitely not on the RSVP list, plus alcohol and heat do not make the perfect match. Tackling wedding mishaps like not providing ample ways to cool your guests off to your fly-away veil sticking to your lip gloss and everything else in between – here’s the must-have advice that I have picked up along the way that is guaranteed to not let mother nature steal your summertime joy!

Summertime Wedding advice and tips on how to keep your flowers fresh

Crushing on this bouquet? Find out which blooms you should avoid for summer weddings!Image by Corbin Gurkin Photography, via SMP

I love flowers. Peonies and tulips are just a few of my favorites, but these blooms wilt incredibly fast as do hydrangeas and gardenias. Think spritzing your bouquet with water is a great idea? Guess again. The water will burn the flowers and turn them brown. While having the wedding of your dreams in the warm sun is what wedding dreams are made of, talking about your ideas, goals, and setting reasonable expectations with your florist is a must in the wedding planning process. Your bouquet may have looked amazing for your walk down the aisle; but a few hours later the thought of having a backup bouquet and boutonniere for your groom is a great idea if you and your newly-minted spouse are wanting to capture more moments later in the day.

open bar

A refreshing spin for cocktail hour lemonade standImage by Kristyn Hogan, via Elizabeth Anne Designs

I officially live at the beach, but one thing’s for certain, too much alcohol when it’s a gazillion degrees (any temperate after 90!) doesn’t mix well with heat. Offering guests refreshments that aren’t alcohol-laden before the ceremony starts is a lovely idea. Cucumber water is a creative idea as is raspberry lemonade or your grandmothers recipe for old-fashioned sweet tea! Pretty it up with festive stirrers or honeycombs and you’re off to a refreshing start! The best part is that you can also offer these types of drinks during cocktail hour and save money by placing those hard-earned funds elsewhere, like that gorgeous dress  you have been eying or an idyllic honeymoon some place tropical!

Cool as a cucumber

Create lounges under trees for mingling during cocktail hour

Image by Erin Hearts Court, via Elizabeth Anne Designs

If your ceremony and reception is outdoors, then thinking about ample ways of helping your guests beat the heat is probably on your to-do list. Sunscreen, programs that double as fans, and renting A/C units are all great options. Creating lounge areas for your guests to mingle before and after the ceremony helps set the tone – think umbrellas with accenting colors to match your decor or cocktail tables under a giant oak tree. Don’t forget the types of chairs that you use for your ceremony and/or reception is in fact important. Metal chairs aren’t going to feel pleasant when it’s 90 degrees out (think leather car seats!), do opt for cushions that not only add color to your ceremony but also protect your guests from scorching their bottoms!

Beauty Maven

Summertime beautyImage by Peaches and Mint

I used to be the girl that went out with a fresh face of makeup everyday no matter the occasion. Things have clearly changed. I now wear tinted moisturizer, waterproof (anything and everything!) and I keep my beauty regimen minimal thanks to the Florida humidity. You may be agreeing with me on my stance on how to look pretty any other day; but on your wedding day, it’s imperative and downright necessary to have a couple of trial runs with your hair and makeup routine. Trying out varying foundations and seeing which ones will not feel stifling on your skin and which ones that will not make your face look as if it’s melting. Products like Urban Decay setting spray is a great option for helping your face stay camera-ready, no matter the weather conditions. if you hair has natural curl then a loose up-do could be a fantastic option vs a sleek chignon, think about the texture of your hair before deciding on one of those Pinterest-worthy looks.

Summertime wedding advice on when is the best time of day to plan a wedding

Sunsets always capture romantic imagesImage by Sara Lucero, via Green Wedding Shoes

There are certain times of the day I clearly avoid. Think high noon. Not only is the sun harsh, but the heat index is at its highest. While you may enjoy the heat when you are wearing that darling bikini of yours, wearing a Vera Wang ballgown isn’t going to feel so amazing when it’s blazing outside. Not only can the heat hurt your older guests (heat strokes); but the harsh sunlight isn’t the most flattering light for those Vogue-like moments you want your photographer to capture! While I do hope that you have reconsidered the hours of 12-3pm, let’s talk about sunset for a second. It’s incredibly romantic and makes for picture-perfect captures like the image above but before you book your venue, talk to your photographer about finding the correct time of day to say your vows where no one is rushing to walk down the aisle because the sun is setting in less than 5 minutes. Ample timing is key.


Naked cakes are trending but see why they are perfect for summer weddings!Image by Anna Hardy, via Whimsical Wonderland Weddings

I love cake; it’s as simple as that – red velvet to be exact, but I certainly don’t discriminate. Can you guess what other things that melt besides one’s makeup?! If you guess that decadent wedding cake of yours, then you are correct! If you’re opting for a naked cake which is one the newest trends, then you should be safe. If you are considering butter cream over fondant, then do reconsider. Marzipan and fondant are the preferred choices for summertime celebrations and skipping things like cream cheese, pastry creams and anything else that may need refrigeration is key to having your cake stay edible and pretty enough to eat! Still prefer fondant? Have the catering staff keep your cake refrigerated, it will also help keep those critters that didn’t RSVP out of your confectionery masterpiece!

MurphyIf mother nature isnImage by SMS Photography, via SMP

Murphy’s Law. It’s something that you’ve heard me talk about on the blog before. If something is going to find a way to go wrong then it most certainly will. Clearly Murphy wasn’t an optimist and I would rather believe that perfect weather will be a gift straight from Mother Nature herself. Things like hurricanes in the south do exist and aren’t exactly what wedding dreams are made of. Not only is wedding insurance a good idea but asking your venue about what happens if mother nature decides to wreak havoc on your wedding plans should be one of those questions that are essential. While tents won’t provide adequate shelter for your guests from a tornado, they are optimal for inclement weather like rain or even the occasional summertime thunderstorm. Finding out if your venue has an indoor option that is available on your wedding day is a great way to stay within budget and one less thing to stress about because weather and other unpredictable mishaps aren’t what this day is about – don’t lose sight that it is your love for each other that is going to make your wedding memorable!

My fingers are crossed that you ladies have picture-perfect weddings with Mother Nature on her best behavior!








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