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Your wedding day is fast approaching but have you gotten things ready? If not, then make sure to prioritize the major things first or ask for help if it gets too overwhelming. You will find that your friends and loved ones are more than willing to lend their hands if you ask for it, so don’t be shy and delegate some tasks for them to take care of for you.

If you’re looking for ideas on how to make your event more special, you can continue reading below. It can get busy during the day so it is a good idea to make sure that you note all of the most important things so you can review them later. Check out the list below for essential wedding accessories and you might find something that will inspire you:

Ceremony Programs

Aside from the wedding invitation cards, you also need to provide guests with ceremony program cards not only so they will know the flow of the event but for them to keep as souvenirs. There are many ways you can go about this and you can choose to make it as simple or as elaborate as you can. It’s easy too since you only need to put some details on it. You can opt to use premade templates or design one of your own if you’re good with that.

Bridal Jewelry

The most basic ones are only needed if you are working with a limited budget. You can opt out of extra accessories like necklace, earrings, and jeweled hair clips if you don’t want to. There is also the option of going for costume jewelry if you think it would go well with your dress. A lot of people seem to discount fancy jewelry but there are actually well-made ones that look so real from a distance that many people wouldn’t be able to tell that they were fake at all.

When it comes to your wedding and engagement rings, you don’t have to go all out and buy the most expensive ones you can find. In fact, you can find cheap bridal sets if you know how to look. If you’re worried about its authenticity, there are many ways to find out a store’s legitimacy and all you need to do is do your part by researching and counter-checking facts.

Entourage Gifts

The bride and groom have their own entourage of family and friends who they have deemed important and instrumental in their lives. They all play their important roles during the ceremony and have gone out of their way to be part of the event on your special day. The least you can give them is something personal to thank them for the time, effort, and most importantly, friendship.

Nothing says “I value you” more than giving them sentimental stuff that will last and they can treasure forever. There are a lot of options for bridesmaids and the maid of honor out there so it won’t be that difficult to tackle and besides, they can also have the option spa day to get pampered together instead of gifts.

It can be difficult on the groom’s side since tastes vary but a good idea would be something they can fill with booze. Cool groomsmen gifts like personalized flasks is a good idea since you can monogram the names of each groomsman and they can have a mini party in their pocket anytime.

Toasting Party Glasses

If wedding toasts will be part of your program, don’t forget getting some toasting party glasses for you and or for your guests. You can go the extra mile and customize your flutes for the special day; and if you do, they would make great memorable keepsakes. Customization can be as low-effort as tying a bunch of ribbons and other decors or having made a custom flute to match with your themed wedding. The choice is yours.

Something to Toss

You can make the end of your ceremony more special by providing your guests with something they can toss after you’ve been announced married. The usual fare includes confetti, rose petals, and rice. You may have to do some research as some of these things may not be allowed so check first. If you’re out of time and maybe some budget, you can always DIY confetti to match the color of your theme. If you’re looking for other ideas on what to toss, you can also use bubbles, bird seed, flags, glitter, and more but again, make sure to check and do your research if you’re going for alternatives.

Groom’s Accessories

It seems during weddings that majority of the focus goes to the bride and while it’s not a bad thing, accessories for grooms are a thing too. The bling for the grooms aren’t as known as that of the brides’ but some of them include a watch, tie bar, cufflinks, suspenders, a belt, and many more. They may not sound a lot or expensive but it doesn’t mean you should cheap out on them if you have the budget for it because it is your special day, after all. If brides have bling, grooms can too.

It Really Depends on You

As weddings become more modern, many have broken from the traditional mold as they make the celebration more special for them. What is considered essential to others may not work for you so don’t worry about not having this or that if you don’t need it. Prioritize what you think is best for your celebration because it’s a special day for you and your partner.

What do you consider essential wedding day accessories for your wedding? List the stuff you know below.