5 Good Reasons to Throw Your Party At Home

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The old saying that ‘if you need something done right, you would be better to do it yourself‘ applies definitely applies when hosting a party. House parties are a great way to celebrate a wide variety of different events and even if your home isn’t the largest, there are various reasons you may prefer to entertain at home. We’ve pulled together some of the best reasons to throw your next party at home, and with marquee hire available in all sizes, you can even make some extra space for entertaining, so read on to find out how you can benefit from throwing your next party at home.


1. It’s cheaper

Parties should be made as budget-friendly as possible. When partying at home, you will be skipping some of the costs that will likely be incurred by booking a venue, but it’s not just the hire costs you need to consider. Travelling and parking will cost you money if you book an event away from home and you will be buying (sometimes overpriced) drinks during your party unless you find somewhere that allows you to bring your own drinks. Preparing food at home for the party will also save on costs. In addition to this you won’t have to find somewhere to stay so there will be no heavy hotel bills. Guests can stay at your home if it’s large enough or if they live too far away to walk home. So if you’re tight on budget it’s definitely worth considering.


2. You and your guest will be more comfortable

Not only do you feel more comfortable partying at home but your guests will also feel comfortable. This way, you will be able to provide the guests with the best entertainment to make the party a success. Whether it’s party games, or choosing your favourite music, it’ll be an event tailored to suit you. Only the people that you invited will attend and if your friends are bringing kids you can even put them to rest upstairs in your house, allowing the party to carry on longer. There will be no restrictions on the talks you hold or the kind of fun you choose.


3. Guests can walk to your house

In most cases, you invite close friends and neighbors to your party. Most of those living in the same area as you will just walk to your house. This will save them both time and travelling costs and will allow them, if they want to have a drink and not have to worry about cabs as they can’t drive after a few. It will be much more convenient for them than partying in a club. Guests can also stay longer as they’re not restricted by transport schedules if they’re able to walk.


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4. A house party doesn’t require any compromise

When you are in charge of everything, nothing is likely to go wrong or feel like it’s not quite what you wanted. You know the number of guests you are expecting, you know the size of your backyard and the size of a marquee that will fit, you know the tastes of your friends, you know your budget and most importantly, you know the success of the party will depend on you. You do not need to hire party planners unless you want to, and many marquee hire companies offer additional services such as chairs, tables, linens, glassware and so on.


5. Make it a pool party (if you have a pool)

Guests at a house party aren’t confined to the house or the marquee alone. They can use the entire backyard including the pool if you’re lucky enough to have one. Pool parties are great for all types of guests and you can plan games and competitions to make it even more fun.


There’s really no good reason not to consider holding a party at home, whatever event you’re hosting. Why not look at your next event and see if you can save money and have more fun by hosting it at home!