10 Attributes you need to keep a 10-year relationship going another 10 years!

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10 Attributes you need to keep a 10-year relationship going another 10 years!


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In any romantic relationship to work, there has to be loving communication, loving acceptance and loving respect.

You may have noticed that LOVE is the common factor here. Without the love factor, these qualities might as well have been any person’s work ethic towards their boss.Not to digress, but have you been in more than one relationship?Lets face it, most of us have broken up or fallen out of love at least once with a partner. So what is it that has kept some couples together for years and years?

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Here are 10 attributes that come to mind

1. Loving communication. A relationship that does not have active communication will die a passive death. Take the time to talk about intimate matters, which are close to your heart. Talk about what happened in your day. Talk about anything. But active listening is also required. Communication is a two-way street where there is an active speaker and an active listener. When your partner knows that you are not only listening to them but hearing them, then you’ve got good communication going even though sometimes there might be a disagreement. But you know they are hearing you.

2. Loving acceptance. While you may have fallen in love with their positive attributes, if you want to go the long haul, you will also have to accept your partner for their moles and pimples etc., the whole package.

3. Loving respect. The need to sometimes mock or put your partner down can sometimes go a little too far. That is why if both partners have respect for each other, a little nudge or look will let you know that you’ve gone too far. Stop. That’s respect!

 4. Loving to laugh at each other. Yes that is sometimes the tough part. We need to be comfortable withat least one person in our life who we can laugh with and at. As the saying goes, laughter is the lubricant in any relationship!

 5. Loving to be honest with each other. Now this is a tough one. Most of us are guilty of being honest about everything. So it is important to know that for those things that really count, you need to be honest. You know what we mean!

 6. Loving to be affectionate with each other. Intimacy is perhaps the core of most loving relationships. It’s not necessarily all about sex but rather about the closeness the both of you find from being in each other’s arms or presence. Sex helps of course!

 7. Loving to be together. Sure, we all need time out. But ultimately, a loving couple enjoys being in each other’s presence.

 8. Loving the adventure. You and your partner see the relationship as a journey and not so much a destination. As they say, the marriage is but one day. The relationship is forever.

9. Loving the concept of commitment and loyalty. These are the foundations each partner gives willingly to the other. And that in turn creates the trust! And we know without trust in a relationship, you have nothing!

10. Lovingly forgiving. Humans make mistakes. That includes couples! Forgive as much as your heart and mind allows you. Saying it with flowers helps too, so for cheap flower delivery in Adelaide shop with Fresh Flowers.

There isn’t a single list that fulfills all the criteria for a lasting relationship. Each couple is unique,so you will need to find your own path to a loving and fulfilling relationship. But if your relationship enjoys many of the 10 attributes, you and your partner are definitely headed in the right direction!